It took a lot of negotiation, though we succeeded in getting a VW Corrado widebody project in front of our camera to do its story, and this without having to blur the pictures or having to make the car unrecognizable…

Automotiv #15 - Braveheart - VW Corrado by JEM Design

Volkswagen introduced the twelve valve VR6 engine with its 2.9 liter and 190 hp version for the European market back in 1992. JEM kept the original engine block, revised it completely, added a new exhaust set-up and placed a K&N filter. The management system got replaced by a KMS system, a system out of the racing industry…

Automotiv #15 - Braveheart - VW Corrado by JEM Design - engine

Question that we have asked ourselves since we saw this project for the first time is why the oldskool Corrado isn’t tremendous popular among the current generation.

If you are into VW Corrado tuning as much as we are:

… Read more in AUTOMOTIV Issue #15


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