We call it AUTOMOTIV 2.0 since this update is a mayor game changer for Automotiv, our readers and the After Market media in general. 

These are the most important updates:

Instant Download: you are no longer obligated to download a full magazine in order to read it, you can download feature per feature, what takes just seconds depending on your internet connection.

Monthly Issues: that’s right, this was our goal from day 1, and now we put words in action.

Daily Updates: online news travel fast, and now we are joining that race by bringing you content on a daily base, what means that we will be able to bring you content as fast and in some cases maybe even faster than online media.

More Content: that’s a give away. If we go monthly, that means we will have to step our game, and that’s exactly what we are doing.

Search Engine: you can use keywords in our ‘search engine’ in order to find all features about the brand, manufacturer, product, etc.

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