Tuning specialists Oettinger have their own idea of a hardcore GTI and it is called the TCR Germany Street. It was developed over the course of just four months, and as you can imagine, the first order of business was to work on the engine and they have ramped up output of the turbocharged 2.0-litre to 355 hp (265kW) and 470 Nm.

VW Golf GTI TCR by Oettinger - Engine - Automotiv Issue #14

Asided with the performance gain you also get an agressive body kit to match the extra grunt coming from underneath the vented hood.

VW Golf GTI TCR by Oettinger - Front Wheel - Automotiv Issue #14

Oettinger is selling these goodies not just for the GTI, but also for the all-wheel-drive R. Alternatively you can place an order for a complete vehicle.

VW Golf GTI TCR by Oettinger - rear - Automotiv Issue #14

Photos: Oettinger

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