It takes some guts to start a Korean project in Germany, the land of the VW Golf. It’s even more remarkable that Alexanders last name is Junior. How cool is that?

Automotiv #19 - Dare Devil - Kia Pro Ceed GT - rearAt first we called him Alexander, later that became Alex, though when we found out his actual name was Junior, it was clear we were going to call him Junior from there on. And we start with a little word of respect toward Junior, since he drove six hours to meet us for this shoot. A shoot we had arranged in collaboration with ST Suspensions in Germany.

We also have to address the car, a Kia ProCeed GT. And this is pretty unusual since Junior chose a Korean car manufacturer instead of the logical choice. And we say that because Junior is living in Germany, the land that is renowned throughout the world for their cars.

Automotiv #19 - Dare Devil - Kia Pro Ceed GT - Interior

Brands such as VW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi and BMW are synonymous with high quality and innovation and enhance the image of Germany as an automotive nation. Still, Junior bought himselfa Kia. Let’s find out why…

Automotiv #19 - Dare Devil - Kia Pro Ceed GT - front wheel

If want to know more about this stunning Kia Pro Ceed Tuning project…

… Read more in AUTOMOTIV Issue #19




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