At first glimpse, you would think you just walked up in 1990, and in a way you did. This is not your typical current modified car with wide fenders, extreme sized wheels and air suspension, no this is completely back to basics, though with a touch of magic, a touch of personalization.

In fact the car is lowered with on of the Godfathers of suspension, the KW variant 1 coilover kit. Peter chose for a classic multispoke wheel from XXR, the 531 platinum with stretched Toyo T1R tires.

The CRX is a two-seater, because that rear bench is only suitable for dwarfs or midgets. So Peter didn’t sacrifice too much luxury when he installed his roll cage, spare wheel and Takata seat belts.

The glass air intake by Killerglass is made from Pyrex glass. This glass can bat much higher temperatures than ordinary glass…

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