The greatest car stories are those between a dad and his son. When a father has a passion for cars, and he can carry that over to his son, their band is stronger than the ice cube that killed the titanic.

Honda Civic - green - JEM - Front Wheel- Automotiv Issue #14

Like every young gun at the age of 20, Enzo wanted to have a car that stood out. And what better way of doing that, is going for a widebody kit. His dad knew straight where to go because if there is one guy that can to magic with fiberglass, it’s Eric from JEM.

Honda Civic - green - JEM - Interior- Automotiv Issue #14

Arrived at JEM, Enzo and his dad knew straight away that they didn’t want the ‘classic’ wide fender kit, though a full and genuine widebody kit. They talked about budget, and it didn’t take them very long to give JEM the wild card.

Honda Civic - green - JEM - Interior- Automotiv Issue #14

If you are into Honda Civic Tuning and Widebody Kits as much as we are …

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