Ever heard about GR8-ICS Belgium? In case you don’t know where to find Belgium, it’s that small piece of land left from Germany, on top of France, and just below Holland. It has always been known for their high quality cars in the After Market scene.

Automotiv #15 - GR8 ICS 2018 - BMW 3series

And so when you visit a car event in Europe, the chance is real that you’ll bump into some Belgium rides. However, since a few years Belgium has its own fair, called GR8-ICS. It’s organized by the same people behind the Belgium print magazine ‘GR8streetperformance’, and just like all of us they eat, sleep and drive cars.

Automotiv #15 - GR8 ICS 2018 - VW Corrado

So if you want to see a glimpse of what Belgium has to offer, stick around, because in the upcoming weeks we will show you the highlights of this event.

Automotiv #15 - GR8 ICS 2018 - Honda Civic

We start with throwing some of our best cars on the table. In fact, all cars that you will see in this feature are built byJEM. The man behind JEM isn’t only a handy with fiberglass, he’s also kind of a wizard with styling cars.

Automotiv #15 - GR8 ICS 2018 - VW Golf

In most cases his clients are giving him the wild card when it comes to designing a bodykit. His specialty is widebody kits, and if you have paid close attention, you will have seen his work in previous issues.

So let’s see what JEM brought to this event …

… Read more in AUTOMOTIV Issue #14



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