Where can I find AUTOMOTIV?

AUTOMOTIV is available for both tablets and smartphones.
To discover how to download, use our how-to page. If you click on one of the logos, according to which device you own, you will automatically get linked to the App Store or Google Play Store.

If you have a QR reader on your device, then you can simply scan the QR code, that you can also find on our get-the-app page.

For whom is AUTOMOTIV available?

AUTOMOTIV is worldwide available to download, and this for all ages. Furthermore, it is also completely free of charge.

I see less editions for smartphones, while there are multiple for tablets.

AUTOMOTIV is originally a magazine build for tablets, and only recently we developed it also for smartphones. In the future, every new issue will be available for smartphones.

Why is the file size of each issue that large?

Reason is simple. Each edition features many hundreds of HD images and HD videos. Once you have downloaded a magazine, then you need no internet or wifi connection anymore to view the full magazine without any interruptions. You can download and erase as much issues as you want, what means that you don’t have to reserve storage capacity on your device, except for a minimum according towards the size of which edition you want to download.

(* Only when you want to click through to a website, email or social media from for example an advertiser, an internet or wifi connection is required)

My device crashes or the download gets interrupted while downloading.

Depending on the device and your connection this may indeed occur. We therefore advise that during the download you don’t do any other actions on your device. And preferably you put auto-lock/ snooze function on ‘never’ or ‘off’, so the download doesn’t get interrupted.

Haven’t found an answer here? Use our contact page to provide us with your question. We will answer you as soon as possible.