Wesley used to make his hand dirty in the stonework field, more specific cobblestones. Cobblestones are stones with a rounded upper surface which are used for making streets. The link with his current métier is simple, Wesley named his business ‘Cobblestone Customs’. And as you can see, in the meanwhile he switched those cobblestone for metal. Talk about a career move.

Automotiv #18 - Cobblestone Customs Chevy - rear

This is one hell of a unique car! First of all, it’s a Chevy that was built in Antwerp (Belgium) back in 1955. And it’s the only one. That’s right, this is the first of a production of one. There is no second car like this. In other words, this really is the only Chevy COE Coach (with 13 seats) ever made.

Automotiv #18 - Cobblestone Customs Chevy - rear wheel

The truck was built by a coach company for the Dutch government. They actually used it as a firetruck, so this project probably saved some lives at young age. Guess this truck is a hero!

Automotiv #18 - Cobblestone Customs Chevy - steering wheel

And what do we do with heros? Well, you can put them in a museum, with the chance that they only get visited by people with a pension plan. Or you can do like Wesley from Cobblestone Customs and share it with the rest oft he world. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

Automotiv #18 - Cobblestone Customs Chevy - rust patina

If want to know more about this Chevy Tuning Project…

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