Of course this is no ordinary Mercedes-Benz anymore. This project is Mercedes Tuning from another world. The car received a full AMG Body Kit including front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper. While Tom and his car practically found a second home at KEAN Suspensions, he also did a lot himself, like the fabulous grille in the front bumper. According to Tom, the most easy part he built for his Benz. We find that easy to believe…

Automotiv #16 - Benzooka - BWM powered Mercedes-Benz W124 - Front

Bucket seats in the front, sure. Bucket seats in the back, that is just plain torment for the passengers. Not really, because this is a 100% show product, since the rear is no longer accessible. The back doors don’t open anymore, and same goes for the windows.

Automotiv #16 - Benzooka - BWM powered Mercedes-Benz W124 - bucket seats

And if you take a closer look, you’ll see the reason why the windows won’t roll down anymore.

Automotiv #16 - Benzooka - BWM powered Mercedes-Benz W124 - Side exhaust

We have some people crying on the other side of the screen? We warned you Merc Die Hard Fans! This could become ugly! We strongly advice you to climb in your pen and write some strong words to the people at KEAN Suspensions, since they are willing to take full responsibility for their actions… Yes… there is this 2.0 liter BMW 6-cylinder engine inside this Mercedes…

Automotiv #16 - Benzooka - BWM powered Mercedes-Benz W124 - engine

If want to know more about this BMW powered Mercedes Tuning project…

… Read more in AUTOMOTIV Issue #16


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