It was the first morning after SEMA when we got up early to shoot that amazing Liberty Walk Acura NSX from J.J. Dubec (Issue #12), and while we were shooting his car, Zach arrived with BMW M4 in a rather eye-catching green. BMW M4 tuning – on a green level?

Automotiv #15 - Green Lightning - BMW M4 RS - Front

Let’s face it, if you have an M3/M4 you only have two choices. Either you go mental with a widebody kit, or you go for the light-modus and of course that means adding some black gold, aka carbon fiber.

Automotiv #15 - Green Lightning - BMW M4 RS - Rotiform Wheels

This great looking LAS-R wheel by Rotiform is available in matte anthracite with a polished lip and in matte bronze. Apparently Zach has a mind of his own because this white isn’t an option in the Rotiform brochure.

Automotiv #15 - Green Lightning - BMW M4 RS - Thule

If you are into BMW M4 tuning as much as we are:

… Read more in AUTOMOTIV Issue #15


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