Talk about wild. This BMW E46 M3 tuning project built by Kean Suspensions has all what it takes to scrape some skin from mother earth. Time for an encounter with this bitch, aka YOUR MOM…

Automotiv #18 - BMW E46 M3 by Kean suspensions - your mom

We have to go several years back in time for our first encounter with Andy and Kenny, even long before they even thought about starting their own business. In the past they were just two car addicts like you and me.

Automotiv #18 - BMW E46 M3 by Kean suspensions - side

They succeeded in turning their passion into a business, and the past year they built two cars to give the world an idea of their capabilities. One of them was the Ferrari 308 GTB that we featured in Automotiv 14. The other one is this little thing, a full widebody BMW M3. Nickname:Your Mom.

Automotiv #18 - BMW E46 M3 by Kean suspensions - seats

“That’s impossible.” Unlikely you will hear those two words in the same sentence at Kean suspensions when you have the urge to lower your car. They have specialized in every form of suspension, and they can for example help you improve you riding pleasure with classic coilovers from brands like KW suspension and ST suspension. If you want to have a showcar, and you are looking for air suspension, also here the boys have you covered.

Automotiv #18 - BMW E46 M3 by Kean suspensions - front

Die hard fans will have recognized the Rocket Bunny kit from Kei Miura by now, though if you know their program a little bit, you will also know that they don’t offer these parts in carbon fiber. And just when you think it’s probably a wrap, we are here to tell you different…

Automotiv #18 - BMW E46 M3 by Kean suspensions - fender

If want to know more about this BMW M3 Tuning Project…

… Read more in AUTOMOTIV Issue #18



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