If you would ask the owner what makes this Audi TT tuning project so special, the answer would be obvious: the real gold coating and effect varnish. Say what? Real gold? That would mean that the fuel cap is worth more than the entire car. This is not the first car we see with gold leaf sheets, though each time again it is impressive to witness. And honestly we did not check if it is real gold, but we have nothing but respect for the amount of work that they put into this project.

Automotiv #16 - BiTTersweet - Audi TT Coupe gold plated - windows

This Audi TT Coupe is equipped with 19 inch Oxigin 20 Attraction wheels wrapped in Maxxis rubber in size 235/35-19, gold plated Fox exhaust pipes and hidden for the eye, even the AP coilover kit has been individualized with a set of gold coated springs.

Automotiv #16 - BiTTersweet - Audi TT Coupe gold plated - exhaust

We got the opportunity to shoot this car just before Tuning World Bodensee. The idea behind Automotiv has always been to give people the chance to show their own personal project in our pages. We can understand that this approach isn’t for everybody, though we just see it as another colorful car on the road since the world is already grey enough.

Automotiv #16 - BiTTersweet - Audi TT Coupe gold plated - front wheel

If want to learn more about this Audi Tuning project…

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