The ‘Nivola’ is a modern interpretation of the legendary Alfa Romeo Stradale 33 designed by the Italian designer Franco Scaglione in 1967.

The goal was to carefully translate the original design into a modern interpretation while keeping it fitting on the rolling chassis of the Alfa Romeo 4C to be able to convert the stock donor car into something exclusive, limited and timeless, just like the beautiful original 33. A few options were considered for naming the concept, as the rich history of the Alfa Romeo brand involves many great personalities and achievements. Then after doing some deeper research Ugur Sahin found out about the racing legend Tazio Nuvolari, nicknamed Nivola.

Alfa Romeo 4C Nivola by Ugur Sahin Design - top - Automotive Magazine Issue #22

He epitomized courage and daring and for 30 years he amazed the racing world with his exploits on both two and four wheels resulting in several championship titles in motorcycle as well as sports car championships. For Alfa Romeo he won several world championship titles, a few Mille Miglia’s and Targa Florio races and to top it off he won the Le Mans 24 Hrs.

Alfa Romeo 4C Nivola by Ugur Sahin Design - blue - Automotive Magazine Issue #22

Personally Ugur Sahin was very impressed with following story of the legendary Nivola. At the Monza Grand Prix for motorcycles he crashed during practice. This resulted in two broken legs. After doctors put plaster casts on both legs he was told that it would be at least one month before he could walk again let alone race motorcycles. The next day he started the race having himself tied to his bike. He required his mechanics to hold him upright at the start of the race and to catch him at the end. The legend of Tazio Nuvolari began that day when he won that race.

Alfa Romeo 4C Nivola by Ugur Sahin Design - red and yellow - Automotive Magazine Issue #22

As Ugur Sahin admires people who fight hard for achieving their personal goals in life, they decided to name the design “Nivola” in honour of the great Tazio Nuvolari.

The development of the Nivola came to life after Ugur visited the Pebble Beach concours last year in Monterey, Ca. Ugur was so impressed with the best of show winning Alfa 33 Stradale that they decided to try and pay homage to the Alfa Romeo brand as well as the original 33 Stradale by creating a modern interpretation of the original design by Scaglione.

Alfa Romeo 4C Nivola by Ugur Sahin Design - front - Automotive Magazine Issue #22

As it would have been too easy just to copy the original closely, Ugur Sahin decided to go the hard way and develop a production ready concept, based on existing Alfa Romeo chassis. Because of the nimble size as well as the ultra-light weight of the original vehicle, it was only common sense to develop a design based on the fabulous Alfa Romeo 4C underpinnings. That created a huge challenge, ….

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