About Us

AUTOMOTIV is much more than beautiful images.

We bring content to our readers, and make sure that the information given about the published cars is complete and correct.

We appreciate cars and their owners.

We appreciate the companies and the people behind every project.

Though our readers are our main concern, since they build the cars, buy the products and make a magazine like Automotiv possible.



The world has become a small place since the digital age took over.

Automotiv considers this as a blessing, a way to share information at a fast and efficient way. Print is alive and kicking, but for a niche as the After Market industry it’s probably not the most effective way anymore. The consumer is visiting the bookstore less and less, and magazines stay on the shelves.

Tablets are the mayor reason for this, and the biggest names in print media have found their way to the digital freeway. We didn’t doubt a second to exit that freeway, so we could trade it in for a ride on narrow streets, sharp corners and bumpy roads.

That’s where the excitement is, that’s where stories are born, that’s where we bring our passion to life, that’s where we found the strength to release Automotiv, a complete interactive magazine that  embraces the After Market as if it’s the holy grail.



Creativity is probably the most correct form of democracy, and in no other field it is more applied than in the automotive industry. The After Market world is evolving equally, and bold parties are looking in each others direction. The list of options for your car at the dealer is getting bigger every year, and that’s only because the car brands realized at a certain moment that they wanted a piece of the After Market cake. And in this sense the After Market industry must always keep reinventing itself to keep its customer stimulated. Automotiv’s mission is to be that particular medium that brings this message to a global audience.



We placed our first baby steps in the After Market industry at the end of the 20th century. Our team is filled with possessed automotive enthusiasts, and more particularly the After Market scene. Some of us build their own cars, others released printed magazines with great success, and some of us are writing stories about this part of the automotive world as long as we can remember. We eat, sleep and breath After Market, and consider a standard car as nothing more than a great opportunity, as the dough for the cake. There is a new cake in town, and Automotiv is the name.



It doesn’t matter what we like, it doesn’t matter what the hype is, what matters is that readers get what they expect from an After Market medium, and that is the coolest cars and the greatest shows, and this from all over the globe. We look at each car as if it would be our own: with passion, with an open mind, but most of all with respect. It’s that same passion that brought the car and its owner to the level it is today, ready for shows, ready for media coverage. For many people a photo shoot for a magazine is the icing on the cake, recognition for the input that has been delivered. This is Automotiv’s highest value, and it is our duty to expose just that to our readers.



he future is today, and after many years of publishing printed magazines, we are choosing resolute for the digital area. We are not pulling the green card, but we do realize that we don’t have to use tons and tons of paper anymore to bring content to our readers. Consumers have evolved, and these days they are no longer satisfied with only fresh bread in the morning. They want fresh baked bread during the entire day, weekdays, weekend and holidays. Media should be no different, that’s why Automotiv is choosing for delivering our content through an app, that can be downloaded anywhere at anytime.